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Barcelona and Pozzo di Gotto have two Archpriesthood and boast, on the occasion of Good Friday, two separate processions. They fall into two distinct strands: that of Pozzo di Gotto, Has "Varetto" the oldest dating back to 1800, with the exception of 'Ecce Homo, dating from around 1700 and the other to the line of Barcelona featuring creations more modern, dating from the first animal of the '900.

The origin of the sacred manifestation Barcelona dates back to April 6, 1871. This is an exhibition of statues that evoke the different stages of the Passion of Christ, from dinner with the Apostles at the Deposition in the tomb.

Each procession is made up of thirteen carriages that are called "Varetto" were originally brought to the shoulder, but now they are real wagons. In the early afternoon the various "Baretta", coming from their church membership, gather in the church of St. John the Baptist, for the procession of Barcelona, and in the church of St. Maria Assunta, for the procession of Pozzo di Gotto.

At the time when they gather all the "Varetto", begin their procession. The two processions in the evening, will meet in the street that divides the two towns: this is a very characteristic and awaited by the faithful. The "Varetto in Barcelona are: the Supper, the Lord in the garden, the judge of Pilate, Christ at the Column, the Ecce Homo, the fall of Christ, Christ who meets Veronica, was crucified, the deposition, Pietà, Christ laid in the tomb, the urn with the dead Christ accompanied by Roman soldiers called Jews, and Our Lady of Sorrows. Concludes the procession a priest who holds the relic of the Holy Cross, and the band. The "Varetto" Barcelona are richly embellished tanks, almost all accompanied by a group of singers, called "Visillanti" who sing the traditional laments of Christ.

The "Varetto" Pozzo di Gotto are: the Supper, the Lord in the Garden, Christ at the Column, the Ecce Homo with a group of singers, Christ with the cross, Christ who meets the pious women, Christ falls under the cross, stripped of clothes, was crucified, the Pieta, the symbols of the Passion, Dead Christ with the soldiers, those Jews with helmets with peacock feathers, the Mother of Sorrows, and the relic of the Holy Cross. After the meeting of the two processions, they continue on their path to return to the places of departure, then finally divide all the "Varetto" and return each in their own churches they belong to.


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