Festa di San Bartolomeo - 24 Agosto - Lipari


Bartholomew was one of the twelve apostles who followed Jesus's story of his death, wants him killed, some by the king of the Medes in the region of Syria, while other sources speak of Armenia.

The relics of the saint in 546 appear in Lipari and 838 to Benevento, the Emperor Otto III will lead them to Rome in 983. St. Bartholomew is the patron saint of Lipari and is celebrated several times a year on different dates: February 13 for the first translation of the Body, August 24, party official from the Church of the Holy established between the sixth and seventh centuries, on 5 March at the request of the farmers who in 1823 escaped the plague, on 16 November for the danger was the earthquake in 1894 and 24 August which is the party that collects in the faithful of all the Lipari Islands, in one big embrace with the Holy One.

That of 24 August in Marina Corta, is precisely the most important festival, the one in which all the islanders, and in which there is a procession of the statue of San Bartolomeo that "vascelluzzo (silver reliquary), both led to shoulder by the various brotherhoods. The festival closes with spectacular fireworks on the sea.


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