Procession of the "Madonna di Trapani" - Second Sunday, August - Tonnarella


A procession at sea is always fascinating and attracts as many times as you do, many people who take part with devotion, whether it be a saint whether Madonna From the shore of Tonnarella (Puerto Rico) starts each year, the procession to the sea of the venerated Madonna of Trapani.

And 'now traditional procession, resembling that of San Rocco di Caldera or that of San Francesco di Paola Milazzo, but with a peculiarity which distinguishes it from others since there Portorosa from year to year, the contribution of vessels has become increasingly significant, so every year is truly a sight to see dozens of boats illuminated parade, large and small, behind the boat with the beautiful statue of the Madonna: a faithful reproduction of the miraculous image kept in the Basilica of the Annunciation of Trapani .

Than the Blessed Virgin Mary that some 'as the Madonna of Tindari, has a legendary history and its sanctuary, a place of intense pilgrimage. Fireworks, bonfire and splashing in the sea, crowning the long procession that proceeds from Portorosa up near Marinello, then go back and take in the eastern slope of Tonnarella: the return to the church to the sound of the band, as always, occurs around 23 accompanied by the sound of bells in celebration.


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