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Portorosa - Tindari - Patti - Librizzi - San Piero Patti

Following the SS 113 towards Palermo for about 11 Km you reach Tindari important archaeological site greek - Roman. In ancient theater, between May and June, classical performances are held within the event "Theater of the two seas". A Tindari is to visit the Shrine of the Black Madonna, steep promontory overlooking the sea landscape characterized by small lakes of Marinello, beautiful nature reserve. Continuing along the SS 113 for over 8 km you arrive at Patti, set on a hill dominating the beach. At the highest point of town is a cathedral and interesting is also the Antiquarian Tindari, the Ceramics Museum pattesi and the Museum of Roman house unearthed by recent excavations. By Patti, going inwards, after 8 km you meet the junction for Librizzi, lying on a hill with a panoramic view from the promontory of Milazzo and the Aeolian Islands. Moving to another 9 km you will reach San Piero Patti, of Arab origin. In Piazza Gorgonie stands the sixteenth century church of Santa Maria with Baroque bell tower. The back down towards the coast is on the road between the valleys of the streams and Timeto Helicon between vineyards and hazelnut groves and great views.

Portorosa – Furnari – Tripi – Montalbano Elicona – Basicò

From there you forward Portorosa inwards towards Furnari, center founded in 1300. Going up along the valley of the river Mazzarrà turn left for Tripi, located halfway dominated by the ruins of the castle. By Trip Malabotta can visit the forest, nature reserve. Going back to about another 12 km you turn right after another, reaching 6 km Montalbano Elicona, lived in a beautiful position on the slope of the homonymous river, dominated by the imposing castle of the XXII century., Visitors and used for special events. Going back to the coast from Montalbano arrives, after about 10 Km, Basic, town developed around a monastery whose ruins are visible. Continuing to descend, in view of the coast between Tindari and Milazzo, and from there you reach Furnari Portorosa.

Portorosa – Castroreale – Terme Vigliatore – Novara di Sicilia

Following the SS 113, before arriving in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, turn inward to Castroreale climbing along the scenic stream Longano. The country has the Mother Church, whose original nucleus of the fifteenth century, the remains of the circular tower of the fourteenth century of a Roman house antiquarium Terme Vigliatore. Going down to the sea, passed Castroreale Terme, we reach the town of Terme Vigliatore seat of spas "Source of Venus" and the archaeological site of a Roman villa of the second century BC Going along the SS 185 and travel about 14 km you arrive at Novara di Sicilia, dominated by the Rocca Novara and based around the castle now non-existent. Here are some Renaissance churches worthy of attention.

Nature trails

Natural reserve "Bosco Malabotta."

Nature Reserve of "Puddles of Marinello.

Notes gourmet

The culture of the vine is old in these areas, where in his nursery continues to be literally "conceived", with advanced techniques since 900, most of Sicilian heritage vineyard. Wines particularly lovable, like the house, accompanying pancakes, omelets, ricotta, peppers and delicious local meats.


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